Poojas Details


Full Moon day is called Pournami or Poornima in South India. A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon are 180 degrees away from each other. Praying the whole day will help one dissolve the bad negative karma of past lives and help change one`s destiny. It is a time for strengthening one`s positive energies through spiritual observances of prayer, meditation, recitation and fasting.

Sankadagara Chadurthi Pooja

Cadhurthi is a day of importance for Lord Ganesh(Vinayaga), and is considered auspicious to initiate with any new endeavour, job or project. This occurs twice every month once during the growing moon period and once during the waning moon period.The observer takes holy bath and chants the names of Ganesh while bathing. After this, the altar of Ganesh needs to be prepared and prayers must be offered.

Pradosham Pooja

‘Pradosham’ literally means ‘removal of sins’ and hence, this time window grants the opportunity to remove your karma or karmic energies that limit your potential in your current life. The time between 4.30 PM and 6.00 PM is observed as Pradosham. The smaller energy level Pradosham occurs every day during this time window. Middle energy level Pradosham occurs twice a month on the 13th day after a New Moon and a Full Moon.


Ekadasi is a day of special importance to Vaishnavites. It denotes special importance with respect to Lord Venkateshwara. Ekadasi is a Sanskrit word meaning eleven. It falls every month twice on the waxing and waning phase of the moon. These days indicate the high and low tides of the sea. The first ekadasi occurs when the moon is closest to the earth and the next occurs when the moon is farthest from the earth.

Theipirai, Valarpirai, Ashtami

Ashtami and Pournami Thithis are considered very auspicious for Lord Bairavar. It is believed that one who worships this Bairavar on Ashtami Thithi will be freed from all debts and loans. It is also believed that property disputes will be solved by worshipping this Bairavar. The Ashta Nayikas, also known as Eight Shaktis, are interpreted differently in different regions of India. But ultimately, all the eight goddesses are incarnations of Shakti.

Amavasai Homam

Amavasya is considered as a special day as there is a natural upsurge of energies in the human body on these days. As a result, in the tradition, Amavasya (New Moon) and Pournami (Full Moon) days are held as special days for the spiritual seeker.Any sadhana performed on these days has a greater impact on the system.The Amavasya vibrations are especially conducive for men and similarly, the Pournami vibrations are particularly conducive for women.

Rahukala Pooja

One of the fast growing pooja in Malaysia and Singapore is the Rahu Kala Durga pooja. Held weekly on every Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, this pooja attracts many people- Young people who perform this Pooja will excel in studies while the unmarried will be able to find a good life partner, married ladies will have a happy married life and their families will proper, the childless will have children and have a happy and prosperous life. Of all the days, Tuesday is the most auspicious day.

Rahu Kaethu Parigara Pooja

Rahu Kaethu Pooja is performed to nullify the negative impacts of the Planets Rahu and Kaethu. The Pooja is performed in batches at the temple hall with a separate entry and exit doors. Upon completing the Pooja, one should leave for Lord Shiva Darshan inside Temple. Temple priest will guide according to the “Agama Rituals”, which will be repeated in Tamil, Telugu, and English. It takes about 20-25 minutes for the entire Pooja to complete.A person suffering from this dhosha will have delays in marriage. They will find it difficult to lead a happy life.

Hanuman Pooja

Lord Hanuman is known as a God who protects you from evil eye and negative waves. It keeps you safe from coming in the contact of negative effects. Those people have been suffering from the negative effects of Shani must worship Lord Hanuman since they will get instant benefits. There are many devotees who follow Lord Hanuman but do you know Lord Hanuman is the great devotee of whom? It is Lord Rama. The people who worship Lord Hanuman always are protected by the negative waves and Shani.

Ko Pooja

Worship Goddess Kamadhenu on Fridays and Goddess Lakshmi will bless you with Abundance. In India, cows have been treated as sacred and as a personification of Goddess Kamadhenu. Vedas say that Goddess Kamadhenu is a cosmos where all the Gods, Goddess, Devas including the Trinity (Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma along with their Consorts) reside.